Observatory of Artificial Intelligence in health

The Health/AI Observatory is responsible for monitoring the deployment of Artificial Intelligence in health, establishing itself as the gateway of AI tools to the Catalan Health System. The Observatory promotes a repository of AI tools, which aims to identify all the tools that are being developed or used in the Catalan ecosystem and analyze their degree of implementation and development, as well as the degree of scalability at a systemic level. This identification of solutions is the main point of access to the Catalan Health System, as it will allow the Executive Committee of the Salut/IA Program to analyze and decide which ones may be of interest to be implemented in the System.

The entities that report on their AI tools in the Observatory can request access to a second line of action of the Salut/IA Program, the line of support for initiatives. This line seeks to promote those projects that are initiated from the Catalan ecosystem considered to be of high value for the Health System.

Who we are

The Health/AI Observatory is promoted by the TIC Salut Social Foundation, under the mandate of the Artificial Intelligence in Health Program (Salut/IA Program) of the Department of Health of the Government of Catalonia.

Objective and mission


Finding out about and spreading, in a cross-cutting way, how Artificial Intelligence applicable to health is generated, from conceptualisation to implementation, having an impact on the risks and the opportunities that arise.

  • Researching the degree of development and implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Health.
  • Providing guidelines and best practices for the adoption of Artificial Intelligence in Health.
  • Being a hub for knowledge transfer regarding innovations in the field of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Promoting the adoption of Artificial Intelligence in health, acting as a liaison between the health system and innovation in Artificial Intelligence.


Being a point of reference to identify innovation, acquire knowledge, and measure the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Health.