Support for initiatives

Ethical and innovative AI projects in health

The Catalan Health System wants to apply artificial intelligence (AI) to help prevent, predict, diagnose and treat current and future diseases. These advances must benefit every member of the public equally and meet the following requirements:

  • AI systems must be robust and secure (when it comes to people’s health they cannot malfunction)
  • They must respect the privacy of individuals (as well as their data)
  • There must be transparency regarding where these AI algorithms operate (health centres, laboratories, or as tools for doctors).

One of the key objectives of the Health/AI Programme is to contribute to the development of innovative artificial intelligence initiatives. This line aims to support entities interested in executing projects. For this reason, we make a team available to researchers, universities and companies to help with the following:

  • The management of AI projects in the field of health
  • Computing and storage resources
  • The preparation and transformation of data
  • Assessment of solutions
  • Support in implementing AI tools
  • Regulatory support

If you have an innovative, ethical initiative, please contact us.