Support for initiatives

Reference guides

If you have an innovative initiative with an ethical perspective, contact us.

The Health/AI Program draws up reference guides for the implementation of AI with full guarantees for citizens and all health professionals. Here are the available guides:

Ethical and innovative AI projects in health

The Catalan Health System wants to apply artificial intelligence for the prevention, prediction, diagnosis and treatment of current and future diseases. These developments must reach citizens equally and meeting the following requirements:

  • That AI systems are robust and safe (when dealing with people’s health they cannot fail).
  • That they respect people’s privacy (as well as their data).
  • Make it clear where the AI algorithms work (health centers, laboratories, or to support doctors).

One of the key objectives of the Health/AI Program is to contribute to the development of innovative artificial intelligence initiatives. This line seeks to support entities interested in carrying out projects.

For further information, please refer to this infographic on the support provided for initiatives within the Health/AI Program.