Health/AI Program

The Health/AI Programme aims to promote and develop people-centred AI. The whole process will be underpinned by an ethical approach, respecting the privacy of individuals and ensuring compliance with fundamental rights and non-discrimination. The main objectives are:

  • Promote the research, development and innovation (R&D&I) of artificial intelligence in health in order to improve the well-being of people, always in line with the ethical guidelines set by the European Union.
  • Encourage the participation and involvement of the entire Catalan Health System to obtain results of greater impact.
  • Ensure that the solutions developed will be available to everyone, to standardize the quality of care and avoid inequalities between centers.


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Key action areas

Strategic lines

  • Research and innovation

    • 01.

      for Solutions

    • 02.

      Support for
      AI initiatives

    • 03.

      AI Observatory
      in Health

  • Assessment

    • 04.

      System for assessing solutions
      to be implemented

    • 05.

      Continuous assessment of
      implemented solutions

  • Systemic application

    • 06.

      Implementation of

    • 07.

      Training for

    • 08.